Dec 17, 2013 04:50 PM
We're all told to eat healthier food. But is the financial burden of this demand too much for some families to bear? Laci explores the question of whether the cost of healthy food is a barrier to a healthier society.
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Sure healthy food is more expensive than junk food.  Farm subsidies are often blamed for that. 

I don't buy organic food, there's little evidence that it's healthier, and even if it has some health benefit, you're better off spending the money on a larger amount of conventionally-grown produce.

It's not only more expensive to eat healthy food, the food is harder to obtain and store.

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We're lucky to have a local wholesale produce, but then you end up throwing out moldy cucumbers and stuff, because you can't eat large bags of produce fast enough. That's not green.

People in the USA who have less money tend to weigh more for this reason.  Unhealthy fattening food is cheap. 

it would be a great idea to stop charging any sales tax on fresh produce...or even on 100% produce that is frozen (no slat or flour or fats added).

I didn't realize that groceries were taxed anywhere.  Apparently 31 states don't tax groceries, and some states tax groceries but give a tax credit.

Agricultural subsidies have a role, too:

"...more than 60 percent of agricultural subsidies have directly or indirectly supported meat and dairy production, while less than one percent benefit fruit and vegetable producers."

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, May 2011,




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