E-Cigarettes Can Damage the Lungs, Experts Warn

New research has shown that despite electronic cigarettes being marketed as a potentially safer alternative to normal cigarettes, they are still causing harm to the lungs.

"We found an immediate rise in airway resistance in our group of participants, which suggests e-cigarettes can cause immediate harm after smoking the device. More research is needed to understand whether this harm also has lasting effects in the long-term.

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I don't understand why people like these things - or cigarettes for that matter.

I just hate cigarette smoke and the smell of it.

I always found cigarette smoke acrid, and was never tempted to start smoking.

Maybe e-cigarettes appeal to smokers as a way to get their nicotine fix through familiar means, rather than patches and such, without producing the same kind of smoke as cigarettes.

(Are there any places where smoking regular cigarettes is forbidden yet using e-cigarettes are allowed?)

"Nearly 70% of smokers would like to quit.
 Nearly 100% of nonsmokers would like them to quit."

(I'm vaguely remembering this as being by George Carlin, but can't find the quote to verify. Anyone know? Thanks!)


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