Discover magazine reports that there's been a surge of antibiotic resistant urinary tract infections traced to E. coli contaminated poultry. 75% of raw poultry is contaminated. "Handling the bacteria-ridden food could spread E. coli to the urinary tract." (p44, "Foodborne UTI's Direct from the Birds", Discover magazine,Oct 2013)

A search indicates this is year-old news. Please, very very thoroughly wash your hands, equipment, sink and counter after preparing raw poultry.

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Study: Shoppers Spread Raw Poultry Juices at Store, Home

Plastic-wrapped packages of raw poultry spread antibiotic resistant bacteria!

... customers were repeatedly shown to spread poultry juices — potentially contaminated with pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter — to numerous other objects, including their shopping cart, other food items, and even their children. After customers handled raw chicken or turkey packaged in sealed plastic, researchers were still able to find traces of poultry protein from juices using swab tests, suggesting that any pathogens on the meat would likely hitch a ride in the juices.

Within the first three touches after handling poultry, the study found that consumers had contact with the following:

  • Cart (85 percent)
  • Dry goods (49 percent)
  • Other meat or poultry (33 percent)
  • Refrigerated goods (31 percent)
  • Personal item (grocery list, purse, etc.) or a child (31 percent)
  • Frozen goods (16 percent)
  • Fresh produce (9 percent)

When storing the poultry, most consumers placed packages directly into the fridge or freezer without keeping them in a bag, as recommended by food safety experts. [emphasis mine]

My grocery stores don't even provide bags for plastic-wrapped raw poultry. Hand sanitizer contains triclosan, which damages muscle, including heart muscle, when absorbed through the skin.

It's time to rethink my poultry shopping protocols.

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