What are your health and fitness changes you plan on implementing for this new year?

Perhaps a more healthy way of eating? Maybe to exercise longer at the gym?

I plan on eating more protein and getting more sleep. Last year I was always sleep deprived and I lost muscle mass because of it.

Also, I plan on changing things up at the gym and continuing with cycling and hiking.

I keep of journal of my progress so I hope that in this year I will get stronger!

What are your plans?

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I guess everyone is so healthy they don't need to change -- hehe.

I'm here! XD

So, I've been very bad... but I know what to do to be good. And I'm adjusting what I need to, because I'm diabetic, so I just have to watch things a bit more closely.

I'm taking it a week at a time. One bad habit switched to a good habit.

Week 1. No sodas--water! Done!

Week 2. 30 minutes walking everyday. Done-ish. There's been a couple of days where I missed out and made up for it the next day.

Week 3. This week: calorie counting. I'm not going to be terribly strict this week. I just want to make sure I log everything.

Week 4. Weight training: Legs 2x a week, upper body 1x. (Eventually, I want to get to where I do U/L/U/L/U routine, but that's way down the line.)

I also bike everywhere, so my legs are good and strong, to begin with. Just got to get them stronger and get the upper body back in order.

Steph: Now I know why you use Linda Carter's Wonder Woman! Talk about your strong female role-models! :)

Thanks so much Nerdlass! I hope you are doing good on your new fitness and health changes. Maybe we should keep each other motivated!




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