An interesting device called a Fitdesk, which looks like an exercise bike procreated with a desk. 

It has very positive reviews on Amazon - a lot of people seem able to get exercise using this device, while reading/using laptop etc.  A bike is more suitable for this than other kinds of exercise machines because your head and arms aren't moving much. 

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ps I've been getting some exercise every day by biking a short distance on the roads. 

But I've been finding that even doing this is a risk for allergic reactions.  Just yesterday a couple cars went by in the opposite lane with windows open and dogs inside ... I got sick even though I held my breath. 

It looks like getting my exercise at home is a better idea right now - also because it'll be winter soon.

Some people say these devices are quiet enough to use at work. 

Interesting, but not for me. Thanks. I need back support.

Ruth, It does have a back support option.  There's a version with added features which has a back support.  Also the back support can be bought by itself and added to the basic version of the fitdesk. 

I've been wondering which features to choose, how one can know which ones to get and which not.  The guy who makes them told me they sell an upgrade kit to convert the basic version to the one with the added features. 

I got a Fitdesk, in the version with bells & whistles.  This is the newer version, and it took care of some common problems people had with the basic version.  The back support in this version has already been helpful.  Maybe I should add a back support to my mobile bicycle :)
Now my online time has become exercise time.  I get mild exercise over an extended time.  I hardly notice that I'm exercising, but I'm sure it burns significant calories and keeps my bicycling muscles in shape.  I haven't tried a strenuous workout yet.

I'm staying at home s much as possible, to avoid the allergic reactions that too often happen when I go out and encounter a surprise dog :(




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