Marathon Running Could Trigger Pulmonary Edema Development in the L...

Completing a marathon was associated with pulmonary edema for at least half of the participants studied, and 20% had moderate to severe edema. While the effect was temporary, pulmonary edema causes breathlessness, severe cough and can even trigger heart attacks or respiratory failure in serious cases.

About 50% of runners had some level of pulmonary edema at about 20-minutes post-race. 20% of those runners had moderate to severe pulmonary edema. Pulmonary edema was still present 1 hour after the marathon was completed.

Women were at much higher risk compared to men in the development of pulmonary edema. There was also no relation between marathon time and the development of pulmonary edema, suggesting that the development of edema is prevalent across all abilities.

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Yeah I don't like running myself - and I'm not built for marathon running.

I've heard things like this about marathons and how your body isn't built that that type of endurance.

Should we be surprised?  Marathon running is hard enough with current training and medical technologies ... and doesn't the story go that the original marathoner DIED at the end of his run?




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