You're probably aware of apple juice arsenic. Now consider this

Scientists warn of arsenic in rice

... a new study is raising concerns about the arsenic levels ingested by women who eat as little as half a cup of cooked rice in a day.

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Thanks I just noticed your post here. I am going to read those articles you have linked.

The authors conclude that their findings highlight the need to monitor arsenic in food, noting that China already has statutory limits on arsenic content in rice (0.15 micrograms of inorganic arsenic per kilogram of food) but the U.S. and the E.U. do not. Rice concentrations vary widely throughout the world and between species and growing conditions. Karagas emphasizes, "While this study reveals the potential for exposure to arsenic from rice, much additional research is needed before we can determine if there are actual health impacts from this source of exposure." Tracy Punshon, research assistant professor of biological sciences and co-author says, "Rice is a nutritious food source worldwide. Ultimately any health risks, if found, would then need to be weighed against the obvious nutritional benefits of rice consumption."

The authors also conclude that the results of the study reinforce the concern that private well water in New Hampshire is a potential source of arsenic exposure. In this study, over 10 percent of the women consumed water containing arsenic concentrations currently above the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standard for public water systems.

"We strongly recommend that all homeowners who use a private well have their water tested regularly for arsenic," says Kathryn Cottingham, co-lead author and professor of biological sciences. "Although health risks of rice consumption are not yet clear, the risks posed by contaminated water are well established."

From the study you linked

Another warning about "moderate to high" levels of arsenic found in rice, not just trace amounts. Both Consumer Reports and the FDA found these levels.

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Consumer Reports tested more than 200 samples of the most popular brands of rice and discovered elevated levels of arsenic.

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