So, I've been working on getting healthier... except it seems, I am not patient enough!

I wasn't taking in enough calories, while I was trying to establish some exercise routines (walking 30 mins, a day--you'd think it'd be alright!)--I ended up weakening my immune system and getting a nasty cold.

FFWD a couple of weeks. The cold is gone, but it moved up into my ear so I've been dealing with an ear infection the likes even gawd has not seen (Thank you, 1984 Dune's Stilgar). Every couple-three days, my ear doc goes in and sucks out a bean-sized gob of gunk and shows it to me like a magician unveiling a dove from a handkerchief. Ew.

But in this amount of time, I tried (once last week, and again, this week) to start out a lifting routine. I've been eating more calories, but apparently not enough. I'm on the second day of DOMS, and yesterday, I was feeling weak and congested, so I took it easy and napped... all... day... long. x.x

It's just so frustrating. My mind is all "go-go-go! Let's pump some iron!!!!!!11eleven" and my body's still, "Um... yeah. EAR INFECTION. GTHO."

x.x So, despite my want to workout today, I've decided not to. Stupid ear infection. Stupid weakened immune system. (Did I mention I'm diabetic? Bleh.)

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I am going through the same thing right now! Whatever is going on in my ear is making me feel dizzy and off balance. I am going to rest for a few more days and try not to feel too guilty. Hope you feel better soon!

If you haven't gone to the doctor yet, please do so. These infections can get serious, and quick! In the meantime, there are some home remedies that are somewhat useful. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Before bed, unwrap a clove from its paper and clip the tip. Insert (just at the entrance) with the tip towards the ear, and leave it there overnight. I've forgotten to get garlic myself, so I'm using olive oil in a cotton swab at night. It has cut down on the pain, but the wax-puss-gunk is building up still, I can tell. Ew...

I'm also one who likes to pick my ear with a scoop or a q-tip and I'm trying my best not to do so, now. x.x

...Sorry this is so gross.

Yeah I know what you mean - I've had setbacks as well. I hope to do better. Keep trying - you'll get there.

Thanks, Steph! :) I'm beginning the routine in The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I'm really stoked about getting back in the gym, so it's rough having this setback.




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