New study suggests "universal fetal exposure" to BPA

85 samples of fetal cord blood from California contained alarming levels of BPA.

A new study in California found bisphenol A in all samples of umbilical cord blood obtained from pregnant women, suggesting universal fetal exposure. More than one-third of the samples had levels comparable to or higher than levels associated with health effects in animals.


All samples of umbilical cord blood obtained from pregnant women in California had detectable levels of bisphenol A, suggesting "universal fetal exposure," according to newly published research.

Three of the samples had BPA levels higher than ever reported in other umbilical cord blood, which had been collected from full-term fetuses. Thirty-six percent had levels comparable to or higher than those associated with developmental effects in animal tests.

The data suggest that the immaturity of the fetus's  metabolic system and its "saturation" with BPA "may both act to increase fetal exposure to BPA during early to mid-gestation," the authors wrote. Animal studies previously have shown that fetal levels of BPA in certain tissues can exceed the mother's levels. [emphasis mine]

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