Smaller Snacking Is Smart Snacking: New Study Shows 'Just a Bite' W...

This study suggests that one square of Lindt 85% dark (10g) is just as hunger-satisfying 15 minutes later as an entire bar (100g).

The larger portion size group was given 100g of chocolate, 200g of apple pie, and 80g of potato chips, all slightly larger than the recommended portion sizes.

The other group was given 10g, 40g, and 10g of these same foods respectively, for a total of 195 calories.

The results remarkably showed that smaller portion sizes are capable of providing similar feelings of satisfaction as larger ones.

Those given larger portions consumed 77% more food, amounting to 103 calories more, but they did not feel any appetite enhancing or stronger feelings of satiety than the group with the smaller portions [emphasis mine].

I know someone who can happily eat just one square. It's not me.

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Eating one square would be hard. I agree.

Hey, I resemble that remark! Didn't we meet at the Philadelphia chocoholics anonymous? :)

(And Lindt 85% is good, intense, earthy stuff indeed!)

No guarantee that I won't go back for a second or third square... but often, a single one is satisfying.

Try to avoid taking that first square at all costs! I concentrate on the last square.... 




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