Can't live without broiling and grilling?  Just a bit overweight and diabetes prone? I feel your pain.

Stop Grilling Dinner: Specific Toxic Byproduct of Heat-Processed Fo...

Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have identified a common compound in the modern diet that could play a major role in the development of abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.

...mice with sustained exposure to the compound, methyl-glyoxal (MG), developed significant abdominal weight gain, early insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. MG is a type of advanced glycation endproduct (AGEs), which is produced when food is cooked with dry heat. AGEs have been found to lower the body's protective mechanisms that control inflammation.

The abdominal fat of the MG-fed mice was transformed into a repository of fat cells producing highly inflammatory molecules called cytokines, which impaired glucose metabolism and slowed down fat turnover, and resulted in insulin resistance and diabetes.

Recent clinical research by Dr. Vlassara's team demonstrated that a modest cut in foods high in AGEs improved insulin resistance in adults with type 2 diabetes, without reducing fat or carbohydrate consumption.

The research team recommends that clinical guidelines be revised to eliminate foods cooked using dry heat and replace them with methods that use lower heat or lots of moisture (water) as in stewing, poaching or steaming. Examples from the AGE-less diet include stewed beef, chicken and fish instead of grilled meats.

So much for George Forman's dry grill method.

But I can't imagine stewed

pork chops or  poached steak .

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I use Foreman's grill for everything. Plus when I eat out I get grilled chicken. I can't imagine eating things that aren't grilled.

But what's wrong with a wok or a fryingpan? And you could eat salads...

Yeah - that's true Chris. I'm just always using that Foreman grill :)


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