I have been working out with a trainer for about a month now. I understand that muscle weighs more than fat and that fat takes up more body volume and that is why there can be a decrease in inches with little movement on the weigh scale due to muscle fibers building up. However, I have not worked as hard this past week as I should have due to a serious butt kicking by my Trainer on Monday. And then I didn't go again today. I've noticed that when I exercise so hard that I almost puke and then am terribly sore for three days afterward, that I'm way less motivated to keep going. I don't want to give up though. I think I did okay for four weeks but I need to do better. Improvements so far have mostly been an increase in exercise performance. I can jog 10 minutes on the treadmill instead of 2 and I can do more intervals of jogging. My heart and lungs are keeping up a little better. I realize the blood, bones and organs have to get in shape before the body can really start doing the work of getting in shape so it is take some patience on my part. I also understand that the older one becomes, it can take twice as long. I'm not 27 anymore, so therefore, I must remind myself.... twice as long. Patience.

My trainer says "abs are made in the kitchen" so I'm using my calorie counter app on my phone. But a friend tells me that I should eat breakfast as soon as possible when I get up as the body starts consuming its own muscle for protein after four hours of fasting. Protein is needed, so something like egg whites or low fat string cheese with V8 (carbs help push the protein into the system). I trust my trainer and my friend who has achieved significant success. I'm on the search for more of this information and what I find I will also share here for those who are interested. I've never been successful on this weight loss/body training endeavor but I really don't want to fail this time. I'll share my journey and any science I find with regards to metabolism and reduction of body fat. And if you have any, I'll be interested to read and learn. Thanks so much.

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There's a lot to be learned on bodybuilding forums. Those folks really put the science into practice. Don't be afraid of weights. Balancing your routine is as important as doing the same for your diet. Also, remember that abs won't show until a certain fat percentage is down low enough. Even the big musclemen and women have to cut like crazy in order to show definition.

Inspiring, though. I miss working out. I just need to kick my butt into gear and do it!

That is why I splurged on the trainer. Not a soul was willing to be my boss. :-P You make a good point though about how the abs are toughest. I have looooooong way to go with the abs. Ugh. But patience, patience, patience. That is what I keep telling myself. I didn't get this way overnight. My friend told me that he really felt his body doing what he wanted it to at about 8 weeks. I will use that as a marker point to measure improvements and then maybe another 8 weeks.

I'd love to hear about your journey! Thanks for the post!

Trainers tend to be but not always are fitness junkies. What motivates them isn't always what will motivate you. In fact many very fit people have what's called body dysmorphic disorder. So if you don't perseverate about your physical appearance you aren't going to be as wound up about it as they are.

The number one thing you should focus your research on right now is what combination of diet and exercise will be sustainable for you. Or what can you change about your lifestyle that will promote sustainability. I'm talking from experience too. I have regained my youthful fitness multiple times yet still haven't found a way to keep it. So please do share whatever you find. 

Rooting for you! 

"The number one thing you should focus your research on right now is what combination of diet and exercise will be sustainable for you. Or what can you change about your lifestyle that will promote sustainability."

Thank you Brian. I think I'm starting to realize this as I've been receiving conflicting advice. Some say eat only carbs before workout (they work with a trainer). My trainer says "eat a LOT of protein for breakfast." I'm finding that I have quite the bad experience working out if I have too much on my stomach. Nausea is not something I want to deal with. It's a constant learning process. I have found that, for me, once I get the weight off and sustain a healthy eating plan, I can keep it off. If I create new habits, sushi will become a habit instead of cheesy pizza. Though I could never deny myself the cheesy pizza every once in a while. :-)

I know that men and women's bodies don't work exactly the same, but here are some things that have worked for me during the last couple of months. I had gained quite a lot of winter and lazy-fat because I started doing a lot of writing, which means sitting down a lot. I've lost about 3 kilos of fat and increased my muscle mass.

-LCHF diet. This is very, very simple. Just avoid sugar, grains (rice, wheat and so on) most beans, root vegetables (including potatoes) and fruit -- especially fruit juice. The less carbs something contains, the better. Eat lots of protein, fat and vegetables. As an example, today I ate three scrambled eggs, one avocado and a salad containing celery, bell pepper and leaf veggies for breakfast. I had lots of vinegrette on the salad.

This diet has many advantages. You will loose fat without even training and working out, though I've never tried that.

I lost all cravings for sweets, and I stay full much longer. You can eat almost as much as you want, although overeating is never good. You also avoid the dreaded 'carb coma' that makes you tired and lethargic after a meal.

Walking. I only run to maintain my cardio. I walk at least 45 minutes every day before breakfast. This burns a lot of fat. You just need a somewhat brisk walk. No power-walking, staves, weights or anything silly like that.

Barbell workout. The one I use is really tough and high intensity, but I like that. It works on the thighs, gluteus maximus (ehrm... butt) shoulders, and back -- especially the lower back, which is extremely important. Having good muscle on the legs is good, because then you burn more calories when you run and walk. Some call this type of workout power-pump. Cool name... I think not.

Weight lifting. People tend to use far too much weight. My ideal is when one rep feels relatively easy.

With the program I use I walk and run or walk and work out every day of the week. That is ok, because we're built for a lot of physical activity. It also makes you feel great both physically and mentally.

For me this is very easy to maintain. In fact, I don't even think about it any more. It just happens, and most times I enjoy it.

Don't train in a gym unless you enjoy group classes immensely. People who train in gyms mostly fail to maintain their routine, for several reasons. If you are a non-athlete, you have to be extremely determined and motivated to be able to maintain a gym routine. Its basically a giant money sink as well.

I bought all the training equipment I need, and I train at home. That way, there is just no excuse not to work out. Going to the gym all the time becomes a fuzz and its easy to skip it for a lot of reasons.

If you feel your motivation lacking, do what I do. Ask yourself this: last time I didn't feel like working out but forced myself to do so anyway, did I think 'crap, I shouldn't have done that. I feel like shit now, and I really regret working out.'

No. That has never happened.

Also: you cannot reduce sub-dermal fat in specific areas of the body by eating certain things and doing certain types of exercises. The fat is burnt almost in equal proportions from all your reserves.

If your stomach is bulging but you have little subdermal fat there, it is because you have a lot of fat around the organs in your stomach cavity. This is very unhealthy. I also would like to point out that strong abs cannot prevent your stomach from bulging out if you have this problem. Unless you tense your stomach muscles constantly, that is. This is a very bad thing to do, since it causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Constantly tensing the stomach muscles is a common bad habit that can become a major problem.




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