A new report says that the school lunch program (which was apparently initiated to produce lots of healthy children suitable for fighting wars) is making children too fat to fight wars:


Is this a real article or was it produced by "The Onion" ?

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I got disgusted with the school lunch program when they decided that ketchup counted as a serving of vegetables.
The school lunch program is not healthy.  I agree with you -- ketchup should not be considered a vegetable.

It could be the only way to make conservatives of the "We've got ours, screw you" mindset actually pay attention to how well or poorly we're feeding our kids in public school.

All due respect folks, but........  The attempt to classify ketchup as a vegetable was done during the Ronald Reagan administration - the first of the, "We've got ours, screw you" right wing assholes of the latter half of the 20th century.  As to the "We've got ours, screw you" current crop of right wing assholes, do you honestly, honestly, think they give two shits about hungry, malnourished, pre-schoolers?  It wouldn't surprise me if these Bible thumping, tambourine banging, tea baggers had a new sign at their next rally saying something like, "No new taxes.  Let the little shits starve."


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