Major journal sounds alarm over global mass poisoning

You live in an age of chemical toxicity. The health of every human takes a back seat to corporate profit. It's not just the 327 toxic Superfund sites at risk of discharging toxins due to climate change.

Multiple papers flag serious issues with chemical regulation and public health failures.

Today, hundreds of industrial chemicals contaminate the blood and urine of nearly every person tested, in the US and beyond.

“Evidence has emerged that chemicals in widespread use can cause cancer and other chronic diseases, damage reproductive systems, and harm developing brains at low levels of exposure once believed to be harmless. Such exposures pose unique risks to children at critical windows of development - risks that existing regulations fail to consider.”

The report underlines a recent finding by The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health which concluded nine million deaths (or 16% of the total) every year worldwide are due to diseases caused by the human chemical environment – 15 times the number killed in wars.
The report describes a chemical oversight system corrupted from its outset in the 1970s ... [emphasis mine]

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Existence may be a contest in which homo sapiens are trying to slow natural selection (via universal health care, etc) and trying to hasten it.


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