Nestle and California Pizza Kitchen Being Sued for "Deliberately Po...

Have you enjoyed DiGiornos, Stouffer's or California Pizza Kitchen pizza? Mistake!

A class action suit against Nestle and California Pizza Kitchen accuses them of

... "deliberately poisoning their consumers" with "trans fat pizzas" containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, a "toxic carcinogen,"...
Katie Simpson sued California Pizza Kitchen and Nestle, whose store-bought pizza brands include California Pizza Kitchen, DiGiornos and Stouffer's, in Federal Court.

She claims that Nestle squeezes healthier pizzas off supermarket shelves by using the low-cost food additive, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, allowing it to increase its market share.

"Artificial trans fat is a toxic carcinogen for which there are many safe and commercially acceptable substitutes," Simpson says. She claims it has been shown to cause, or contribute to, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, breast, prostrate and colorectal cancer, Alzheimer's disease and or cognitive decline.

"Although there are safe, low-cost, and commercially acceptable alternatives to trans fat, including those used in competing brands and even in a few Nestle and CPK [California Pizza Kitchen] products, defendants unfairly elect not to use those substitutes in the Nestle trans fat pizzas in order to increase profit at the expense of consumer health," the 16-page complaint states. [emphasis mine]

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