Cup of Herbal Tea Could Help Fight Breast Cancer

Scientists at Aston University and Russells Hall Hospital have discovered that an extract from a common plant in Pakistan may help treat breast cancer.The plant, Fagonia cretica, and known as Virgon's Mantlem, is commonly used in herbal tea. It has been traditionally used to treat women in rural Pakistan who have breast cancer, but up until now this treatment has been regarded as something of a folklore remedy.

Now, scientists at Aston University in Birmingham and Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley have undertaken tests of the plant extract and demonstrated that it kills cancer cells without damage to normal breast cells in laboratory conditions. [emphasis mine]

Were I diagnosed with breast cancer, I'd try it. What's the down side?

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It might help! I've been reading busily about health and food lately and I found that there are a lot of common things that help you preserve your health. Green, white and ginger tea do a lot of things for you, like fighting small inflammations that might develop into tumors. 

Where can I buy this tea? Maybe online? I haven't seen it in stores.

I do drink tea sometimes.




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