I fight amateur MMA. My natural walk-arouind weight is 190 and my fights have been at the Middleweight limt of 185 lbs. Many of my friends who fight professionally drop 15-25 pounds 3 weeks before a fight. If you or anyone else is considering taking up the sport,there are some things you need to know for a safe weight cut and good conditioning:

*Be careful with strength training. Muscles are good,but too many can lead to gassing out quickly. Alot of blood is pumped through them. Dont sacrifice strength for speed.

*Starving yourself is unnecessary. Cut out ALL junk food and stick with the food pyramid. Some gyms have an in-house nutritionist for fight camp mealplans. you can also find some online.

*try to avoid shaving off pounds the day of the weigh in. A week or two out you should be about 5 pounds away. with proper technique,thats more than enough time.

*Weight loss supplements=trouble. They are illegal in most organizations and can lead to disqualification.

*STAY HYDRATED. Too many times I've seen people need IVs to replenish lost fluid. 

*TALK TO A DOCTOR. see where your perfect fight weight is. Dont be tempted by the thoughts of being the bully in a weight class.

I hope these tidbits may help.

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oh yea...145 at 6'3 is probably not good.


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