Is Long-Term Weight Loss Possible After Menopause?

The authors begin with " is extremely difficult for older women to lose weight and maintain weight loss." Big surprise!

The final advice from their study is

"If the goal is to reduce the burden of obesity, the focus must be on long-term strategies because changes in eating behaviors only associated with short-term weight loss are likely to be ineffective and unsustainable,"...

"... Eating fruits and vegetables may not make as big a difference in your caloric intake. But that small change can build up and give you a better long-term result, because it's not as hard to do as giving up French fries forever."

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I'm using a book written by a Belgian M.D. who also states that there are no short-time solutions to obesity - I knew that, I've been overweight all my life whatever I tried.

I started with the Paleo diet in January and I use the Belgian M.D.'s advice on top of that - very slowly but steadily I'm losing weight! I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts, the right sorts of fat, a litte fish, a little dark chocolate and lots of green, white and ginger tea - no carbo hydrates at all. I feel a lot better!  


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