What ideas do you have for a group in our area? What activities would you like this group to do?

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I don't know. Maybe we could just start by meeting somewhere and eat or have a drink and just find out what each others interests are. I'll stay in touch. Pale Lady was asking me if there are any groups of people in the area. Hopefully she will be interested too.
That's kind of what I had in mind. Maybe start out with just a few of us and see what we wanted to do afterword.
Hello Pale Lady, glad you joined the group. While I agree getting together for an informal meal would be a nice start, I'm optimistic about the future. I work at a christian store, we even have a company chaplan, and yet there are at least 10 or so nonreligious/agnostic/atheist people that work there. My very religious co-workers have recently found out that I'm an atheist and yet they treat me the same as before. Even though Cape is a very conservative area, I think people will accept us. But all these things can be discussed at the meet-up.
Well I'm off every Sunday (our store is closed so we can worship). I mostly work days so anytime after 5:00 is good for me. As far as places to meet I think a quiet resterant or maybe even one of the parks would be good.




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