I need some male slaves to start new groups for me. Does that turn you on?

Hello slaves. I am not that great at computer stuff. I was just thinking that this site has a group that honors Star Trek and one for Douglas Adams. However, I did not see one for James Randi, or Steve Martin. I have a whole rant on Steve Martin's skepticism in a skeptic group on this site. I don't know how to get use of their pictures legally. What would a James Randi group be without his highly recognizable picture? Then again, maybe there really is a James Randi group. The search engines on these sites seem to be driven by an improbability drive anyway. Example: I type UK in the search box in "members" and get some UK people, all 50 states, and a bunch of other whatnot. Anyway, I want my slaves to prove their worthiness by creating Steve Martin and James Randi groups with photos. And the photos have to be gotten with permission from some official source because people who are famous for skepticism might just chance upon this page. I would like You Tube videos to be on the site as well. And, if you do a good enough job, I might send you a photo of my feet to kiss. Whip noise. By the way, what are tags? I have no idea.

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