I GOOGLEd it and I really didn't find much that I was able to use. What I got down to is either ZUNE or iPOD.

I'm wanting to be able to download podcast that I want, my songs, and maybe play a game on it. Something simple, but I want to be able to move throught the podcast to any point I want. Also, want radio option and a long battery life. I doubt I need over 4G, but who knows.

Right now I have a Stone 2G. Not bad, but I'm stuck with not being able to move through the podcast or song.

My kids have 2G iPod Nanos. I like them! I like iTunes even. But with my Stone, I have to use the MP3 download option on the websites to get the podcast on my Stone. iTunes updates on my computer, but not the Stone.

So short of stealing the kids Nano, what am I to do?

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Personally I like the Creative line of MP3 and media player products.

Little or no DRM, on average of 90% file play back compatibility, I pretty much avoid the iPods and Zunes because of the DRM that they use.

I am about to purchase my 3rd creative mp3/divx player, more then likely it will be the Zen X but I am not sure, just waiting for my Zen Vision to kick the bucket.
Go easy on me....what is DRM? Is it Digital Recording Media? Just an educated guess...
DRM is Digital Rights Management. It's a sledgehammer approach to copy-protection that will prevent you from backing up your media files or moving them from one player to another. It's best avoided if you can
DRM as said above is digital rights management.

Basically they created it to combat piracy, but it is something that really only hurts the honest consumer. As long as it can be played back on something any digital file can be pirated usually very easily. It is the failing of the entertainment industry to recognize this, thus DRM is something that is largely useless in the way they apply it.

I have a rant on it here...

My big issue with DRM is that by using it the entertainment cartels are trying to make ordinary consumers into criminals for simply wanting options.
Ok, Jay, since my ZEN Stone Plus (found that is what I have!) is doing good, what ZEN product do I need? I can do without the games. I place battery life and at least 4G storage as high.
Now I only recommend creative because I personally like them, there are a lot of other very good product lines out there. It all depends on if you want to add Video payback and a mini-screen really, and what you want to spend. Your buying dollar is probably the main choice restriction here.

Most Creative Zens are between 4-32gig in size depending on make and model. Personally look for a Solid State memory device over something with an internal HardDrive (most mp3 players are like this now but always check). I get 4 hours of video off of my current model and about 16-20 hours of continuous MP3 playback.

Personally as I have said I like the Zen X-Fi, native Xvid/Divx/MP4 playback (video), radio tuner, 32 hours claimed of playback time, and a SD card expansion slot.
Personally, i LOVE my Creative Zen Vision:M! The features are endless but it's still pretty simple to use. Plays video too. And it can do what you want. As for syncing your podcasts, i'm still looking for a solution for that. It'll sync files just fine, but you still need a podcatcher or feed aggregator to actually GET them to your hard drive. I was using iTunes for that, but now it looks like i'll be switching to VLC (videolan.org) or something else so i can automatically download podcasts.


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