Do any of you do this? I haven't noticed a whole lot of Atheist homeschool bloggers. I enjoy it and the few secular homeschool blogs I do read offer either great ideas *that don't mention religion* and/or encouragement.

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I don't blog but I *did* used to participate on several fora and I collected my writings on my own web pages (for a five year period 5-10 years ago). It's kind of similar except for that my entries are grouped by topic on 175+ theme oriented pages. I have several pages about freethought and atheism, as well as some about unschooling.

A la Carte, A-Z: Alpha Index of These Sites
I also blog although it's not specifically about home schooling. I suppose I'll have more home schooling posts once we actually start later this year. Feel free to peek if you like

I'd love to know which secular HS blogs others read.
Cool...I'm going to check them out.

A couple I've been reading:
Hi Rayven and everyone,

I've got a blog and have links on it to numerous others as well (many are secular, but some are not):

Since everything is a learning experience, I don't always stick to strictly homeschool topics. Sometimes I just bitch.

It has been a great way to connect with like-minded homeschoolers, especially since we are in even smaller sub-groups of classical and eclectic. We have had less luck finding them in real life.


Just added you to my list. :) Thankz.




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