Hi, my name is Sandra; I homeschool my 8yo son, since Feb of 2008, we use an eclectic style but are primarily child led or unschoolers. We started homeschooling for a variety of reasons... my son has dyslexia and the public school system was failing him... he was being bullied by an older child - daily, which resulted in him coming home (again) daily in tears, calling himself names and wishing that he was dead or had never been born.

Since we have started homeschooling his outlook has improved greatly... his reading is 'at grade level, but his science ability has soared. For some subjects we use the JumpStart program however our lessons are mostly from books, the internet and life.

I look forward to meeting everyone!

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Hi Todd .. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling alienated as well, but it sure is nice to know I am not alone out here! I am dead set on homeschooling my girls all the way through to the 12th grade (along with my Mothers help, since I do have to work), but one of my struggles is to try and get them in with other children in a school-type setting, you know with field trips, dances, and other social events. But for the life of me, I cannot find a group that really accepts nonthesists. Some say they don't require a statement of faith, but once I get to know them, I know we will be considered "outsiders". I look forward to checking out your blog! Good luck out there in KY.
Hi Todd, welcome to the group and to A/N. I haven't met any other homeschoolers who aren't religious (even here in CO) so I can imagine how it feels there.

I look forward to checking your blog.
Hi, my name is Stacy. I have twin 6 year old girls and am homeschooling them. My problem so far has been the lack of a curriculum that is not based on Christianity. My girls are just starting the 1st Grade this year, and last year for K I was able to get by with various Math printouts from the internet and my own skills with spreadsheets in creating my own worksheets. For Phonics/Reading I used a Christian based program but luckily it had only very minimal references to religion and I simply blacked them out with a marker and replaced those items with nontheist words/phrases. But it sure would be nice to be able to find a good complete curriculum that is NOT based on religion! I will check out the JumpStart program that you have noted above. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for starting a worthwhile group! .. Stacy
Hi Gwen, I had been invited to a group like that... reading their information was uncomfortable enough, without actually attending any of the functions. You have made a very (indeed) sad observation... there are people who will conform for the sole purpose of 'fitting in'.
Have you tried classes at a community center? They can be a great way for kids to socialize and -depending on where you live- religion should not be a major topic. I have found that visiting the local library, during school hours, is another good way to find other homeschool parents... the down side is that you aren't guaranteed on their beliefs.
Hi Stacy, I have never been one to follow a curriculum...but I am working to put together a list of resources for the group. For reading my son and I have used a couple of different series of books, Nate the Great and The Magic Tree House we also used starfall for phonics.
If you get the chance, check out BBC school online... they have tons of interactive learning games, the science lessons are super cool.


Hope these ideas help a little.




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