Here is information on different homeschool methods. This can be especially useful for people who are just starting out and looking for a homeschooling 'style' that will fit their family.

I want to keep this thread simple and clutter free, for user friendliness, so if you post here I will incorporate the information you supply and delete the excess replies.

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Classical Homeschooling
This method, while usually associated with religious learning, can be made secular.

Based on the work of Dorothy Sayers' for further information read The Lost Tools of Learning which promotes teaching in ways which complements children's natural behavior.

Grammar ~ Grades K-6
Young children in grammar school are very adept at memorizing. They enjoy repeating songs, rhymes, and chants to the extent that they often make up their own. Classically educated children learn the factual foundation of each subject.

Logic ~ Grades 7-8
Middle school aged children often become prone to question and argue; classical education teaches students how to argue well based on the facts they have learned. The study of formal logic helps students understand the fundamentals of a good argument.

Rhetoric ~ Grades 9-12
Teenagers become concerned with how others perceive them, therefore students are taught to convey their thoughts so that they are well received and understood by others. Classical education helps students develop their minds to think and articulate concepts to others.

More information:
Foundations Academy


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