Read this first.
I am setting this exchange discussion up solely as a convenience to you. Under no circumstances will I be held accountable for deals which have gone wrong. Please note that this thread is not meant as a way for you to 'sell' your used goods. By using this thread you agree to be accountable for your own agreements. As a precaution I would advise against accepting any offers which are send directly to you via private message, as there will not be any record available.

How this should work:

Please use the following format:

List what you have available, grade level (or age). If you are offering a CD-rom please give operating information: platform (Windows or Mac) and basic operating requirements.
Also list the condition that the material is in, and feel free to upload an image (if you have a digital camera) of the product.
Wanting responses from a particular region or area?
Please post this in your headline ("OFFER - US only").

When you see something offered that you are interested in post a reply to that offer.

We are all adults here so I will leave the exchange details to you, but would suggest that when an agreement has been reached then both parties post final details (NOT PERSONAL INFO.) here and update the status of all trades.

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Wow! I had the same idea and actually just wrote Atheist Nexus yesterday to see if it was okay. I had wanted to make it like FreeCycle, but just offer the items to non-theists. I was going to offer curriculum in the homeschool groups and children's clothing in the parenting groups. I guess that the idea isn't as popular as I thought it would be, though. Hmmm.

I have a ton of curriculum (K-6) if anyone has any requests. Do you think it's worth it to post everything?
What sort of items do you have? We live overseas so getting things can be a hassle and the only active homeschool group is a Christian one so when they have a curriculum event it is 99% Christian supplies.
Sorry, I didn't realize anyone had replied to this. I have been having horrible computer problems since last month, and just started using the Internet again regularly a couple of days ago.

Can you tell me what age group/grade level you are interested in?

Don't worry I've just done the same thing. Wow where did the year go! Anyways, anything from K and up would be great. I have a little one just getting ready to be introduced to formal type lessons and my oldest is doing 1st/2nd grade level work.




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