I was told that I need to send in a progress report. When I asked what exactly was an exceptable verison of that, I was told a test that I can buy and either give myself or pay a teacher to give to my children. I'm opting to do it myself. I've found a place to buy the tests they require: http://education.pearsonassessments.com/pai/ea/productlisting.htm?C...

I thought about siging up with a local support group but I doubt we will fit in very well. I think I might start up my own. Not sure yet. But We just started this so I was looking for advice. Right now our plan is to teach what we know along with a few work books we bought from the book store (the kids love them). We also have field trips and a big white board to aid us in our schooling.

Any ideas, tips? How about a book exchange?

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How do you feel about doing testing Yvette? I'm asking because while I haven't started homeschooling yet (I'm almost sure I will next fall), one of the big, big reasons I want to do it is to get away from high stakes testing. So I'm somewhat ambivalent about testing as a homeschooler. One of my fears is that if we take a more unschooled approach what the boys are learning might not match up with what the school or test maker things should be taught for their age. I worry that the district could use that as a way to essentially force us back into school.

(take this info with a grain of salt since I'm not actually homeschooling yet) I wonder if your school suggested testing because it's easier for them to evaluate than other forms of progress reports. I've read that districts will often try to get homeschoolers to do things that aren't actually required by the laws. I'm a bit sketchy on what would constitute a progress report myself but I think there are other options beside testing if you aren't thrilled with that idea.
Oh, and it would be really cool if we could set up some kind of materials/book swap here.
Different states have different regulations; here in CO homeschooled kids either have to be tested bi-annually beginning in third grade, or have a licensed child psychologist give them an evaluation to be sure they are 'developing normally'.

I think CA has the most relaxed laws regarding homeschooling... parents can simply register as a 'school entity' and only have to maintain an attendance record. (Why did I move away again?)

Often times you can (again depending on the state) register with an 'umbrella school' (which is a private school that only requires state minimums) then if testing is still required they will give you all the information in regards to options... if you register with an umbrella school in your state they will be more geared toward the laws which are pertinent to you.

As for a book exchange; if more people are interested in this I set up a discussion specifically for information (not personal info) similar to a free-cycle style, but where those who are interested can reply directly to an offer.




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