This is just a casual thread :-)

Imagine sitting in a large park, on the grass (pun intended), with bands playing on the stage.

This is my virtual Woodstock.

Let's "groove" and share the music!

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Bob Seger. Night Moves.

I'm going to post one a day and I hope you and others will contribute too.

We can have our own 2009 virtual Woodstock "happening"! :-)
Beautiful. I love both Joan Baez and Leonard Cohen.

I had no idea that she had done any of his songs.

It was an amazing vocal.
Here's something recent from one of my favorites. These are the "Stones" of the indie punk scene from when I was growing up in the eighties. As in they're old. :-) Hope this makes the main stage. Actually, I just hope my post is successful, I am not well versed in reposting from youtube.

Thanks Shot! Nice contribution!

This is the first time I've heard them and really liked it :-).

My daughter was (and still is) a big fan of Indie music. She introduced me to quite a few bands I grew to love.

I really liked Nirvana and Bad Religion ;-)

The embedding was disabled on this Nirvana one and the following Bad Religion on but here's the links.
I have a lot of Bad Religion in my driving mixes. I think I've listened to "American Jesus" about once a day for the past year or so. Here's some more! I especially like the second song from this set, "Big Bang". I decided the live set would be appropriate, considering the Woodstock theme. Enjoy. :-)
Haha! Nice!

Funny story. My daughter was a big Bad Religion fan and bought one their T-Shirts which she wore to school. The community we lived in at the time was in Quebec which is largely Catholic :-).

I took one look at it and was betting with myself, how long it would take for the school to decide on a dress code and determine her T-Shirt was "inappropriate" :-).

Interestingly enough they never made that move and if they had I was ready to take that one all the way. Haha.

Here's the image that was on the T-Shirt ;-)

That's uncharacteristically prudent of them. I am woefully unaware of constitutional protections in Canada, but if they have any semblance of our implied freedoms in expression, you could have taken that to the house!! I had some similar issues when I was in school, but I didn't pursue any remedy. I was just as happy to duck out and go express myself where I was less impeded doing so. I guess that's why I don't have a college education, or a doctor's salary. Well at least I'm happy!! And so is my family. Also, it's an invaluable thing to know where you stand (and why).
Sweet :-) I haven't heard any Pete Seeger in a while!

Here's one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs.

Nice. :-)
Hell yeah, I wish I could've been in D.C. for Obama's inauguration. I loved that the Boss performed "This Land is Your Land" with Pete Seeger. Seeger is a true living legend!
You must mean this one. Enjoy :-)


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