One of the comments that is frequently made by theists is that Hitler was an atheist and "godless" and therefore Christianity had no role to play in the horror that was the Holocaust.

I've been working on a Knol on this topic.

It's researched but sketchy in that I don't elaborate a lot on the points.

I'm posting part of the Knol here with a link to the full Knol and the References and would love to get constructive critiques, comments, and further references from people.

Christianity And German Fascism

Exploring The Facts

"Hitler was an atheist" is a comment that's made frequently by theists who, when confronted by the fact that Christianity was responsible for the deaths of millions throughout history, defend themselves by making the claim that atheists killed more.

It's not much of an argument if it were true, even less so, since it's false.


From a political perspective Hitler was supported internationally by wealthy and powerful individuals who supported his Fascist philosophy and expansionist aims despite their concerns about him personally.

The Jews provided a convenient and easy scapegoat considering the existing prejudices against them as well as the poor economic climate which plagued the Germany of the day. The Communists were a serious threat, because of their mass support, to both Hitler's aims and the big Capital which he represented. Conflating Communism and Judaism because Marx, the founding father of Communism was a Jewish atheist was both convenient and effective.

However, the Fascist philosophy that Hitler developed was far too complete and consistent to be nothing more than an expedient attempt to achieve immediate political aims.

Hitler developed this philosophy because he believed in the concepts he was espousing and to my knowledge there is nothing in the historical record to indicate otherwise except for hearsay personal conversations which remain unsupported to this day.

The German Fascist model which Hitler developed, had strong roots in Christianity, on a philosophical level and was openly promoted at the time, as a Christian model with Christian foundations.

Philosophical Cornerstones of German Fascism.

Positive Christianity.

The key areas of Hitler's philosophy were Christian based and he supported those areas with his concept of Positive Christianity which included racial superiority and purity, antisemitism, the concept of the Aryan Jesus and Aryan Christianity and the "nationalist" German.

Essentially Positive Christianity claims that the Israelites were Aryan and not Jewish and that the 10 tribes of Israel escaped to Europe and created the foundation of Christianity and ancient civilizations there. It also claims that Jesus was a militant activist, an "Aryan hero" and not Jewish, who opposed the Judaism of the day and was crucified by the Jews for that reason. It goes further to state that race mixing results in the degradation of the Aryan race of Israelites and therefore it was necessary to keep it pure and white.

According to Hitler the Germans represented what was best in the pure Aryan race and therefore were superior to other races as well as other Aryan races like the north Indians.

Some of these concepts were developed in the Higher Criticism movement of the 19th century whose writings were represented by anti-semites like Emile Burnouf, Houston Stewart Chamberlain and Paul de Lagarde.

Lagarde advocated the "national character" of German Christianity and Hitlers' "racial superiority" concepts were supported by existing Eugenics programs which Hitler liked and financed.

The source of Hitler's "superior Aryan race" concepts was Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau. His book, An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races provided the foundation for Hitlers racial superman. Gobineau had a strong influence on people like Richard Wagner who, in turn influenced Hitler and who Hitler greatly admired. His anti-semitic theories, the "inferiority" and "lack of humanity" of the Jews came explicitly from Martin Luther, specifically his document, The Jews and their Lies.

All of these concepts were incorporated into his Positive Christianity philosophy.

The pagan influenced German Faith movement, led by Jakob Wilhelm Hauer, remained quite small and had little influence on or support by the Nazis with the exception of Himmler. They adopted a thoroughly "Aryanized" form of religion which was based on the incorporation of concepts from ancient Aryan religions like the Rig Vedas and Zoroastrianism. Pagan beliefs from other ancient Aryan cultures were also included. The symbol which they adopted to represent them was the Sun Cross similar to what is now known as the Celtic Cross and which is used to represent Positive Christianity today.

Himmler supported this German mysticism and advocated it in the SS.

The Black Sun symbol became closely associated with the SS beginning in 1935.

The swastika was used as the symbol of the Third Reich because of it's representation of ancient Aryan civilizations.

Hitler never accepted the German Faith Movement or promoted it in any way nor did he object to it. He left them alone to practice their beliefs and they remained a small fringe movement during their entire existence.[5]

Continued here:
Christianity And German Fascism

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To put it bluntly: Hitler loved Jesus and hated Jews so, either Christian or Catholic. If he was not Christian then, he would not have started something titled: "Positive Christianity philosophy"
Also, the religious belifs of the Nazi Party are quite interesting. I despise anything/anyone who supports the Nationalist Socialist party in anyway BUT! I will give them 1 good word as I try to do with EVERYTHING.... they did advance technology quite a bit and proved Germany makes great guns. Then again, why do that through war? Same time it's basically like this: WAR = BUSINESS DEAL.

There was someone who wrote a book *female too* and in it she combined all the popular religious belifs of the time. Occultic worship, Paganism and *deffinatally* Christianity. She had followers believing that there were 7 Races in the world. The final *and most powerful, good looking, smartest, ect...* was the 7th Race - THE ARYAN RACE. However, she knew they were NOT on that level yet so... to become this "Master Race" and rule the world it was said that the "Elder Races" must be destroyed to futher the advancement to the 7th Final Perfect Race.

Of all the insanity throughout the time, I believe you will find that the darkest one comes from *smoking gun?* A SCI-FI NOVEL! Yes, a simple BOOK much like any "Holy Scripture" or Manga we could pick up today. The secret society was called "The Vril Society" and the wanted to harness of invisable "Electro-Liquid Engery" that was said to be within all living beings. Much like Chi or Ki but, this Vril had a much higher price.... I can not say much else for I wish not to on account of.... I don't like to. However, research "The Vril Society" more and also..... "My brother, the purest and highest ammount of Vril can only be found within that of a child, for they are pure of heart and closer to the spiritual plane than we..." - ****************

Kids in wartorn cities, no home, no parents to protect them, no one looking after them, small orpans, maybe 4 or 6 years old, running freely through the countrysides, no one knows their alive, there is nobody look for them and no one left to miss them..... you do the math, I can't bare to myself.
Thanks for the really interesting comments Alex.

I'll look into the Vril Society and see what I can find out.

If I'm understanding you correctly you're saying that this society existed in Nazi Germany?

Or is this something new but founded in those beliefs?
Have you listened to the Chariot of Iron podcast about Hitler?
No I wasn't aware of it.

Could you provide a link.

I'm interested in fleshing this Knol out as much as possible so that atheists have a place to go to find solid arguments with solid references on this topic.

It's coming up a lot, all of the time, in news groups.

Thanks! :-)
Thanks! It looks excellent. I've added it as a reference to my Knol.
Very nice work.
Thank you. It's taken a while. Lol.
Hitler couldn't have gone as far as he did without the support of the Vatican and the Lutheran Church.
Exactly. That's a crucial point.

It was the Zentrum Party (Catholic Political Party) that gave Hitler the 2/3s majority he needed to get the Enabling Act through the Reichstadt.

It was the Enabling Act that gave Hitler absolute power and the ability to execute the Holocaust.

And he was elected with the support of both the Lutheran and Catholic Churches.

I talk about that a little bit later in the Knol.

It's really long so I didn't want to publish it here in it's entirety.

Contrary to popular perception, the Vatican was one of the few organisations who stood up against the Nazis, both in public and in secrecy.


And that's not just me saying that, that's what the Nazis said. Nazi propaganda continuously villified the Vatican and frequently accused them of being pro-Jewish and trying to sabotage the Third Reich (which in fact they were).


Could they have done more to stop the Nazis? Possibly. But of course, our hindsight is 20/20 and we know exactly what happened in the Second World War, so it's easy for us armchair tacticians to notice the mistakes of the Vatican.

The fact of the matter is, the Vatican (like the rest of the world) severely underestimated what Hitler was going to do and fell into the same trap of Stalin and Chamberlain: thinking that Hitler could be reasoned with and could be contained. The Enabling Act was the Vatican's equivalent of the Berlin treaty: done with the intention of minimizing the damage and hoping to appease Hitler, but ultimately deluded to think that this could be done.


Still, as much as we can debate about whether or not the Vatican could have done more to stop the Nazis, the fact is that they did not support them and frequently sought to sabotage them to the extent that they could.


And that deserves praise.

...sorry to say so, but you do not know very much about the 3. Reich and Mr. Schickelgruber (his correct name). Of course, he never officially left roman-catholic church, but to say, that the holocaust and other fascist cruels are based on christianity is simply wrong. The reasons are a little bit more complex, including the personality of Mr. Hitler and his ecperiences in his youth in Vienna, his development and love for the Ostara book series and their authors as well as the fact, that he was dropped out of the Vienna University of fine arts (painting) by his jewish professor and was insulted by some whores in the jewish quarter of the town nearly every day on his way home to the casual ward for homeless people. But that´s only one of many reasons that led to his hate for the jews.
You also have to count in the spirit of the times, and the fact, that jewish people have been persecuted and viewed with distrust here in Europe generally for many centuries.
In general, Mr. Schickelgruber was a simple person, with a simple mind, proclaiming a simple philosophy of straight, neat and white (aryan) people (you Americans would call them rednecks, I guess), and everything that wouldn´t fit in this scheme was persued and seen as an obstacle that should be wiped out on his opinion. The German people (or, better said, a third of them in co-operation with political intrigues and the support of a clique of economical German leaders, especially Hugenberg, Thyssen and Krupp as well as some American bankers (sic)) gave him the power to do so...

I strongly recommend, that you discuss themes like this in the European forum as well, cause you will find out, that many of the facts you present here are simply not quite correct, I´m granting they´re based on the education you get over there - I guess, our´s here in Europe is a bit more detailed, cause we´re more concerned of the case...

But one thing I could state for sure: no matter, if or if not Mr. Hitler called himself a christian one, he couldn´t have done the things he did without the approval of the majority of the people, and what´s more, a lot of his later enemies, and nearly all of them are Christs !

p.s. sorry for my bad english, not my native language, you see...


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