In Fritz Lang's movie of Dr. Mabuse he portrays a criminal mastermind who controls scores of minions, soldiers in his army, from his prison cell by mysterious means.  I think Hitchens outdid Mabuse, as he made prophetic statements that ought to have us all re-reading him from time to time. He "speaks from the grave": in the Introduction to The Portable Atheist he wrote: "The self-evident mad-madeness of  religion, as well as its masculine-madeness in respect of religion's universal commitment to male domination, is one of the first things to strike the eye."  Surely he was envisioning the nutjobs we have running for president on the Republican ticket.  Pace, Great Randi, but Hitch appears to have been a bit of a prophet. :-)  (And BTW, I can characterize Hitch as a prophet now that Santorum has said secularism is a "religion."  Yes, I know about Hugo Black's equally silly inclusion of "secular humanism" in a list of religions in a Supreme Court opinion, but even Justices can be terribly wrong.)

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