Yes, I know, there have been plenty of tributes to the Hitch.  Considering the impact that he had on the world and on atheism, one more can't hurt.

Besides ... things like this keep Hitchens alive for me, and he lives on in every one of us who remember him and who grew a bit because of what we learned from him.

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Good. Gave me reason to smile today. Thanks.

I came to Hitchens only when I learned of his atheism.  My older brother, a voracious reader and a bit of an authority on good writing, mentioned Hitchens to me months before my discovery, and I kept thinking it was all hype. Then I started reading his pieces in Vanity Fair and I was hooked.  I took God is Not Great with me when I toured Mexico by auto with my brother about three or four years ago.  I found myself quoting passages, then reading aloud from the book in our hotel rooms the entire trip; I mean, can you imagine having to listen to some guy blabber whole passages from some atheist work?  But I was preaching to the choir: my brother found solace in a book on the obvious stupidity of religion.  But, hey, the chapter on pigs alone is worthy of Lamb or Hazlitt.  The man was one of the wittiest and most erudite authors of the 20th century.  Perhaps, like Hart Crane, Hitchens' muse was 100-proof, and like that greatest perfectamente boracho himself, Malcolm Lowry, he developed a style that found its voice in a bit of the usquebaugh.  Sadly, the imbibing became a much-peddled ad hominem for apologists for "God," attacks on his excoriations of belief, such that one should imagine certain Islamacists at least to have thanked God for removing the apostate bastard from earthly existence.  Now, I wonder which Hell he is inhabiting.  Is it the cold shivery one or the furnace hot incinerator one; do we meet Peter at the Pearly Gates or Allah and 73 virgins?

Thanks so much Loren! :-) Can't have too many tributes to Christopher Hitchens. I only just discovered him a month before he died so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm just so sorry he died way too soon! Damn!




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