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I love music too. Always have. Enjoyed reading your story Loren.

ASCI, otherwise known as "the Academy" to us, was located in Livingston Manor, NY, right off of NY-17.  The movement purchased a resort hotel up the hill/mountain there and put our film and video production facilities there, in addition to our printed media outfit.  I was there about 2-1/2 years.

My primary foci are classical music, with a sub-focus on 20th and 21st century composers, some jazz, with a particular focus on the jazz ensemble known as Oregon, and a fair amount of classic rock.  I don't know as I'm horribly eclectic.  There is a lot of classical music I find uninteresting and sometimes downright boring and other music which holds me rapt whenever I hear it.

I think of my preferences in terms of resonance.  When I hear music that appeals to me, I feel as though I resonate to that music, that it and I have found a very profound commonality which moves me at a fundamental level, much as the Beethoven Violin Concerto moved the old man in Thomas' story.  Each of us is different in that we are attuned to different kinds of music.  Music that one person may resonate to may have no reaction to the person next to him or her.

As Lt. Howard Hunter, late of the Hill Street Precinct once said: "That's why there's chocolate and vanilla."




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