mine is the 3rd book ad the 6th movie! wats urs?

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7th book, and so far, 3rd movie.

Alfonso Cuaron is too fabulous and I only wish he could have directed the rest of the series.

I was really disappointed in movie 5. As I know the talent is so much better than what we saw on screen, I chalk it up to poor direction and/or horrendous editing. Was extremely bummed to hear David Yates would be doing the rest of the series, but movie 6 gives me hope. The editing is still kind of sloppy but a vast improvement over 5.

As to the books, I absolutely love a series where the characters grow, change, and evolve throughout. Though I must say, the whole Hermione-Ron dynamic took way too long with way too little delivery. If they aren't the Scully-Mulder of the Harry Potter world...
Fave book- OoTP
Fave movie- DH -Neville is my hero!

Favorite book-The Half Blood Prince
Fav Movie-The Goblet of Fire


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