Im pretty sure all of you have herd of the new theme park that is opening up, i have been freaking out since i first learned about it. My sisters and i really want to go. is anyone here going? what do you think about it?

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I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but having seen what Disney and Universal have done in the past, my take is that it'll be at least a step behind Disney's technology if not more so. I've been to Disney World twice and Universal once, and from what I saw, Universal has a lot to learn.
I live about an hour away from it, and I used to see it getting built but haven't been yet. I wanted to wait a couple months so their weren't so many little kids running around... but then I enlisted and never got the chance.
I am new to nexus so I am replying to this a little late. But I just got back from Disney and Universal Studios. The Harry Potter experience even beats any of the best at Disney. They did an incredible job but it was very crowded. It took us 90 minutes to get into each of the two shops. Two glasses of butter beer with suvenoir mugs cost $25. The ride was incredible, it gave you a distinct feeling that you where flying around Hogwarts. I got bunch of pictures.




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