did you know that daniel radcliffe (harry potter) has recently come out as a atheist. i used to love him but now i LOVE him!!!

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Every once in a while I like to check out http://www.celebatheists.com to see if any new names have been added to the list. It's awesome that Daniel Radcliffe is a part of our community.

If I had to pick a "favorite" atheist celebrity it'd be either Douglas Adams, writer of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or my favorite author Issac Asimov.
I love celebatheists.com, too! I guess I use it to see how many people the masses love are actually on our side. ;)
Whoot-woot! Score one for reason!
And he publicly came out of the Atheist closet just before the premiere of HP6. I was actually very surprised it didn't spark a whole new tsunami of religious wrath. I was astounded it got as little press as it did.

Has the Religious Right truly given up on the war on Potter?

Have they finally figured out that breathing fire over such a thing only seems to increase its popularity?

Or did FAUX News somehow miss the story, fail to report it, and as a result no one on the Religious Right is aware of it?
Well again, it is a pretty big deal collectively over here. When "Golden Compass" the film came out, it also came out that the author of the book is a professed Atheist. Not quite to the scale of "DaVinci Code," but the hype and Christian outrage is strongly believed to have significantly damaged the film's ratings and crushed plans for a sequel.

Not the only factor in the film's ratings and sequel plans, but a significant, if not the primary one.

I remain thoroughly shocked that Radcliffe coming out Atheist just as media hype for HP6 was heating up didn't stir the American Christian hornet's nest. The only explanation is that the news didn't go viral enough fast enough.

As to why that is, the only serious theory I have is that most of the Potter-is-evil crowd is already convinced that everyone involved with the films are anti-Xianity anyway. So Radcliffe making it official was only confirming what they already (thought) they knew.
I knew there was something else I liked about that guy!
Yes, Daniel Radcliffe is awesome to come out as an Atheist.  Such bravery!


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