So as a Potter lover, what do you *hate* about the series?

Sometimes the best part of being a fangeek is being oh-so-critical of that which we love.

- Quiddich. MAJOR pet peeve with Quiddich.

You've got an otherwise great combination of soccer and rugby on flying broomsticks, but then there's the corniest deux ex machina in the form of seeker/golden snitch; worth a ridiculous amount of points and automatically ends the game. Makes the rest of the players completely pointless.

- Not enough sex.

Ok, it's a children's series. But Harry doesn't get his first kiss until age 15? And as come-and-go as it is in the book, the film version was the most uninspiring movie kiss I've seen in a long time. At least try and convince us that these two are going out ever so briefly. Film delivery in HP6 with Harry-Ginny is a touch better, but still lacks the magic that should have been there given the talent. And I hate movies where you get all that build up to the one kiss, then nothing. I've got a great imagination but come on ... give us a little on screen!

If I were writing/directing movie 7, there'd be a solid 5-10 minute montage at the end of both couples getting married, aging, having healthy (albeit PG-13) sex lives, and finally into that 20-years-into-the-future scene at the end. Sadly, I imagine we're in for something way more G-rated, 1950's, Ooh-we-can't-show-them-in-the-same-bed from David Yates.

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I hate DH, never finished the series because of that book. It felt as if Rowling was pulling all the Hollows stuff right out of thin air, and it wasn`t even interesting. I also despise the incompetence of the DE and the myriad obvious plot- holes. Just look at the Goblet of fire and the stupid "trap" for Harry... if you can use port keys on Hogwarts grounds, why didn`t Barty Jr. just stupifyed Harry and got out of there? Hair brained sheme indeed.



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