i think i would be in ravenclaw. what would you be in?

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Not brave enough for Gryffindor, nor vile enough for Slytherin. Not certain about Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff will likely do for me.
Ravenclaw, definitely.
Ravenclaw - the house of the brainiacs. Have the scarf and tie to show for it.

But borderline Slytherin. I'd be one of the cunning-but-good ones out of that house.

Ravenclaw, for sure. You should see my apartment. It looks like a common room in here. :)

'...where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.'

Not for being vile, but for recognizing that being cunning and clever are sometimes more valuable than bravery. I guess maybe Hufflepuff for intelligence, but I think I'd find most of them too soft oe docile to get along with any of them.

I think the casting of Alan Rickman for Professor Snape was probably the best choice of all the people chosen for the movies. Can't wait to see him in the sequels and in Alice in Wonderland as the caterpillar.
Well, according to THAT test, I belong in Gryffindor, though I'm still not certain I agree. All I know is that I'd love to visit there ... and maybe see if I could get a position in Muggle Studies. I THINK I'm qualified for it!
Hufflepuff, if I can get to Hogwarts. Those steam trains are a little scary.
I'm a bit dim and lazy, with serious Ravenclaw envy.
Hufflepuff - for the top quality herb :)
ravenclaw or gryffindor... ravenclaw has the hottest girls.
Probably Ravenclaw. I'm pretty sure that's where all the cool kids are.

Well, I realize this is old... but I just joined, and wanted to reply.


I am Slytherin, through and through. Resourceful, Ambitious, Cunning... and a tad narcissistic (though I honestly view that as a Gryffindor trait as well, they can often be very short-sighted).


But I'm definitely not a vile person, I just know what I want :) 

I assure you, 


You will never be able to find someone who is a bigger Snape fan than I am. lol.


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