Having posted this previously to A|N in general, I thought I'd share my question with all you loyal and knowledgeable Harry Potter fans. Mine is a ram.

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Hey there Wanderer! So glad you could join us here!  I want a doe because I am a big Snape fan! : )

I said it before and will say it again: a BIG STRIPED PUDDY-CAT!!!



And yeah, I was born in the Year of the Tiger, too, so there! [chuckle!]

Why did you choose the ram again?

The ram was a symbol of intelligence in the ancient world. And for the longest time I was under the impression that my astrological sign was Taurus, and that never sat quite well with me. But recently I saw an article that said that modern astrological signs were off by almost a month. So I looked into it and found out that I was actually an Aries. I think this suits me much better. Here is a nice quote I just found off Wikipedia:

People born with the sun in Aries are "always looking forward, they are leaders in ideals and pioneers of advanced thought. They have great mental energy but are inclined to be very headstrong and impulsive. They are always prophetic, and love to predict things that will happen. They can look ahead into the future and foresee things with remarkable clearness of vision. When freed from other influences and not slaves to their personality, they become truly clairvoyant, and are remarkably gifted in this direction. This sign gives extreme ideality, and those born under it are more ideal than practical. They are always full of new schemes and plans, ever exploring and originating. They are fond of constant change, loving novelty, romance and speculation and nearly always live in a world of theory. They are very highly strung, sometimes hyper-sensitive and are remarkable for their perception. They seem to live more in the perceptive region of their brain than the reflective, and they are rarely deceived where perception is concerned."

I very much like the idea of a relatively peaceful but very nimble animal with a set of ferocious horns on the top of its head which it uses to smash its opponents. The horns are an engineering marvel of evolution themselves, but they also seem to symbolize a weight which must be borne and which bows the head, like the crown of a king does both literally and symbolically. This symbolizes moral and intellectual responsibility. And the ram is also a popular animal with which to do sacrifices, which suits me pretty well too I think. And delicious when eaten!

Sorry I didn't reply - caught up on holiday stuff with family.

So Aries has the ram symbol? I'd have to look that one up. Nice - you really thought that all out.


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