We are all huge fans, or we wouldn't be here. (My apartment basically looks like a Ravenclaw common room.) So, what sort of stuff do you have that you want to share? Where did you get it? What do you like the best? Do any of your (non fangeek) friends support your habit?

I think my favorite thing is a stack of parchment letters addressed to me at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall, tied with twine. The top letter lifts to reveal a little trinket box. I love it!

And Whimsic Alley is a gimme. :)

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oh i wish i could get more stuff but being 16 im broke ):
that box of letter things sounds awsome, i wish i could get it
Ooh, the trinket box does sound cool.

I live out of a motorhome the size of a walk-in closet, so I'm limited on how much swag I can put in it. So far, it's just my Ravenclaw scarf and tie. Figure they are practical for use other than just decoration/what to wear to the next midnight premiere.

But I'm seriously thinking of getting a time-turner necklace. And small posters/post cards make good motorhome decor.

The one piece of rare swag: A mega-huge canvas banner of Hermione from HP2/COS. I was working at a cineplex at the time and just happened to be at the right place at the right time when they were taking down all the banners. Almost grabbed the Dumbledore with Richard Harris' passing. But such an Emma Watson/Hermione fan I couldn't resist (I could only take one).

It now resides in my storage unit, waiting for a bigger motorhome or another home I suppose.
I bought the set of Royal Doulton Hogwarts House Mugs on ebay back when they were about $3.00 each. The last time I saw one of these cups on ebay the auction was at $150 pound sterling, so around $300 US. I used to use them all the time - in particular my husband would bring me my tea in the Slytherin mug if he was feeling pissing with me. But now they are tucked away safe and sound.

I also have a set of gold and silver School House bookmarks that I love! Other than that, that was really all I collected.

I have several swag bags from various Harry Potter meet ups that I was never able to make it to, and that my online friends sent me. Literally boxes and boxes!
Most of my Potter merchandise is from Hot Topic. I always raid the clearance rack a couple of weeks after a new movie comes out, because you can pick up keychains, postcards and the occasional t-shirt or jacket (the larger sizes tend to go quickest, but I have found a few) super cheap. I also have a redwood wand that I purchased from Alivans that I LOVE!




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