We all like kitty-cats, right?  Okay, let's put a kitty-cat in here, to wit:

So how did he get there?  Well, first I clicked on the "Picture" icon in the editing header:

Click on that icon and you will get the following pop-up box:

From this popup, we can get our picture from one of two sources.  In this case, we will use "Browse..." to select a picture from our own computer.  Clicking "Browse..." and after a bit of ... well, browsing, I find the picture I want:

In this case, I selected "Morris01", and the picture popup box changed to look like this:

You can see that there are many things we can do with this popup, but if all you're interested in is getting the picture into your post or comment, clicking OK will get that done for you.

One minor problem: you may have noticed that the picture of ol' Morris up there runs out of the editing frame, and perhaps you might like to size that pic down a bit.  You can do that with the "Width" parameter in the Add Image box we were just dealing with.  Click on the picture, and at the bottom, you'll see a popup that says: "Image Edit Delete".  Select Edit and the EDIT IMAGE popup box will appear.  In this environment, around 600 pixels will allow the picture to fit within this particular window:

Changing the image width from 750 to 600 pixels will allow Morris to fit properly

In comment boxes, you may have to go smaller to get a given picture to fit, but remember, so long as you're still editing the comment, you have access to adjusting the its size.

Make sense?  If not, please ask!

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Nice cat!

Yeah, he's a neat fella ... and currently flopped on my desk!  [he does that a lot!]

If I'm feeling lazy, sometimes I center the cursor over the image, right click on the image, then move cursor to where you want to paste...  right click and select paste....


That method doesn't allow for editing size or location, but it's a quick-and-dirty way to insert an image.

I think that works if you want to grab an image off the internet.  I was planning on doing an entry about internet images tomorrow.



I think I used to be able to do that in the past on my old computer's images.  But now it doesn't let me - must be Windows 8 "improvement", so now I do what you described.  


For internet images, I'm careful about not copying things that might be copyrighted.  I do sometimes copy / paste, and give credit with link or statement, from wikipedia commons, or vintage printable, or some other non-copyrighted image sites.  Also sometimes from my blog..


I noticed that it's hard to type under an image that is copied/pasted, but clicking on the HTML button and paging down, I can type under the image.

Thanks, I didn't know that. Joan

A word of caution about images from your email if you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or another web mail service:

Very often, an image is actually part of the email message. If I copy-and-paste it, or copy the image URL, I'm copying an instruction to Gmail/Yahoo/wherever to "display image X from Grinning Cat's inbox." When I see my posting, that'll look fine to me, because I'm logged into my email, but it won't work for anyone else.

(I've seen this happen to a few people, who were puzzled that nobody else could see their image! Geek note: if the broken image's URL is something long and cryptic at gmail.com or google.com or yahoo.com, etc., that's possibly what happened. Images hosted at Atheist Nexus, such as a picture "Add Image" uploads from your computer, have long URLs too, but they're at ning.com.)

The solution:

First, save a copy of the image on your computer. (Right-click, "Save picture as..." or "Save Image As..." or similar. Or your mail service might have a way to download the image.)

Then, in your A|N message, add the image "From my computer", selecting your saved copy. That'll be independent of your webmail, and everyone can see it.

Yes, I have been affected by not being able to see other people's pictures. So that may be the trouble. I do copy to my computer as you instructed me long ago, and found that it works, until the last few weeks. 

The whole screen and picture disappears and I have to reinstall A/N then the photo. See my note to Loren that is somewhere on this page ... I don't see it now. 

Oh, my message to Loren is at the bottom of this page. 

To get a URL for "Add Image from a URL", many browsers let you right-click on a picture and "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image URL" or some such.

I can't find such a simple method in Internet Explorer, but you can right-click and get the Properties box. From there, you can right-click on the URL and "Select All", then right-click again and "Copy".


(Yes, it's stupid that there are OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons when you can't change any of the properties!)

I couldn't resist:

(Grumpy Cat) We all like cats? Speak for yourself.

I do miss Tardar Sauce! (And remember that, contrary to her Grumpy Cat persona, she was reportedly quite sweet and social, happily purring in a reporter's arms during an interview with her humans.)




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