We all like kitty-cats, right?  Okay, let's put a kitty-cat in here, to wit:

So how did he get there?  Well, first I clicked on the "Picture" icon in the editing header:

Click on that icon and you will get the following pop-up box:

From this popup, we can get our picture from one of two sources.  In this case, we will use "Browse..." to select a picture from our own computer.  Clicking "Browse..." and after a bit of ... well, browsing, I find the picture I want:

In this case, I selected "Morris01", and the picture popup box changed to look like this:

You can see that there are many things we can do with this popup, but if all you're interested in is getting the picture into your post or comment, clicking OK will get that done for you.

One minor problem: you may have noticed that the picture of ol' Morris up there runs out of the editing frame, and perhaps you might like to size that pic down a bit.  You can do that with the "Width" parameter in the Add Image box we were just dealing with.  Click on the picture, and at the bottom, you'll see a popup that says: "Image Edit Delete".  Select Edit and the EDIT IMAGE popup box will appear.  In this environment, around 600 pixels will allow the picture to fit within this particular window:

Changing the image width from 750 to 600 pixels will allow Morris to fit properly

In comment boxes, you may have to go smaller to get a given picture to fit, but remember, so long as you're still editing the comment, you have access to adjusting the its size.

Make sense?  If not, please ask!

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Honestly are you a teacher? Thank you hope you see improvements soon.

I've done my share of teaching, mostly maintenance training on equipment I've done similar work with.  Over the years, I've learned how to communicate the whole "how-to" thing.  If you've benefited from this, TERRIFIC!

How to associate googleable and copy-and-pasteable text with a picture, like this:

Hello! [in word balloon]

That could have gone here, but it ended up being long enough (with screencaps) that I made it a separate "How to do it" topic. It's easy after you do it a few times.




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