I made the decision last winter that I was somehow going to leave sticky, sluggish, Windows & Microsoft to their viruses, spyware, or whatever else turns them on for charging us more to get rid of, or protect against these things. Effective or not, I did not like being told I have to buy this, buy that, upgrade this & that, & every year as well.

I have Windows 7 home edition on the desktop & the netbook, & do not/did not want to go to Windows 8. I did find a refurbished Macbook on ebay which I did purchase last new year, but found I could not update, so sent it back. I could not afford anything newer.

Loren put me onto the name Ubuntu, so I began researching several months ago & found lots of open operating systems but Ubuntu seemed the most popular.  I heard that support for Windows 7 was running out in January/15, but a subscription could be purchased yearly to get support for 5 more years. Right then & there the decision was made.....Mr. Gates may go to the poorhouse over it, but he gets no more of my pension money!

I tried to download & install Ubuntu on the netbook to give it a try, but it didn't install properly & wouldn't work at all so began to look on ebay again for a refurbished machine with the Ubuntu preloaded. I found this refurbished Vaio 15" laptop with a very good, & large battery, for $75. It is a nice light gray so I don't have to battle with seeing against so much black all the time. It's somewhat lighter than the photo. All in all it's a beautiful laptop.

Received it on Friday, started it up & the ebay fellow had added a cheat sheet to get me started with name, password, a diagram explaining the Dock, etc. This computer does not have a mark on it & if I didn't know it, I would take it for brand new. Methinks I made a very good deal.

First thing I do with any new pc, is menu snoop through everything clickable, & explore until I sort of understand what is what for the simple parts. I got my name & password changed, & then added my key to the WIFI. After that I just kept poking for settings & doing what I was able to, & was up & running in about an hour on Friday. I got the email set up & this program has Thunderbird for it's email program, which is quite easy to get around. I then imported my other secondary address, which is not any of the hotmail ones I also used, as hotmail is Microsoft. The pages resemble the Mac more than Windows & the "X'es" are in the upper left. This is a simple thing but it takes some getting used to.

I've played a cd, but haven't yet found how to play a dvd. I can change the wallpaper, but this doesn't appear to have a screensaver program, & I loooooove screensavers! I have my pictures & books transferred over via flash drive, & my music will be next. For some reason I have to do other interrupting things around the house.....damn chores!

This has Firefox, I am online with everything I need, A/N, my shopping sites, my books, & my scrabble solitaire. I've figured out how to post pictures & save them too. I still need get my public library site set up so I can borrow the books with my card number.

So far, this Ubuntu has been fairly easy although different to what I'm used to.  It's fast, smooth, clean, clear, responsive, & I'm having a great time! Once I'm a little more comfortable with what I'm doing, I'll download Ubuntu onto a flash drive & install it on my desktop. If that isn't successful, then I'll get the tech in town to do it for me. My desktop is a nice unit, & am not going to give it up because of being fed up with Microsoft products.

Some things still require Windows, but I am now re-examining just how much I want/need whatever it is. As a for instance......I have the Kobo Glo ereader, & it requires Windows or Mac to transfer books to it because it's not compitable with Ubuntu. This will make me give up the ereader.......or I do it through the little android I have in my purse. I added Kobo to it last night so all my Kobo books are easily available without Windows.

I can't claim ''nerd'' status, but so far I'm learning things fairly easily & the help button is right there. I received a book today as well, so feel I'm covered pretty well for the time being.

Life without Microsoft will be just fine!

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Hey, Patricia!

Thanks for putting this up.  As regards playing a DVD, may I suggest this: load a DVD up and see if the computer recognizes it.  It may not have a compatible player, but it should at least read up the DVD as a data disk if nothing else.  If it shows up in a computer window once loaded, you are at least in the ballpark.  If not, it may be the the CD drive is not DVD compatible, though that would be rather unusual in this day and age.

As for a screen saver, I'm pretty sure Ubuntu has 'em.  Try right-clicking in empty space on your desktop and seeing what comes up.  Also, Ubuntu's web page is pretty thorough and has LOTS of support there, so there's another place to look.


One by one, your questions get answered. I'm enjoying following your trail.

Great news, Patricia, and you learn so fast. I am amazed, even your vocabulary expands as you explore your new system.  I have to look up some of your words. I'm very happy for you. 

I agree with Joan.  You do learn fast.  I don't have the patience to put-up with much of a learning curve anymore, however I would like to try Ubuntu, but it looks like it doesn't work with Mac.

If I find the power supply for my very old Windows laptop, I'll probably try it on that.  My Mac is 7 years old and I can't afford a new one either.

Honestly, Patricia, I can't say that I'm surprised.  Your willingness to explore and experiment is what enabled you to learn all this neat new stuff.  I have no doubt that you'll learn other interesting features of the O/S as you continue to use it.


Patricia, you're almost my age, but much more ambitious than me about reading & learning, especially computer knowledge.

I was that way when I was in my 40's, and bought my first computer.  It was a $100 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  I learned just about everything there was to know about that sucker!

I learned to program in Basic and wrote several useful programs, including one that would read text out loud. and a speaking alarm clock.  I was also very active in a computer group for that machine.

As I've gotten older, I've gotten more and more lazy about learning all about a new computer or program.  I think it would be different if I wasn't alone.

If you'd like a guide to further Ubuntu functionality, Patricia, you might give a look at Ubuntu for Dummies ... though you're doing wonderfully well on your own!

Patricia, there you go again, talking computer geek stuff. Way over my head. I am so impressed with your ability to figure all this out by yourself, a wee bits of help from others. 

Love your purple cat! You are so clever!



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