A 6 week old puppy was recently shot 18 times with a BB gun in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Two suspects have been arrested in association with the incident.  Per the article:


A 6-week-old puppy who was recently shot with 18 pellets from a BB gun is now making a "miraculous" recovery, according to the Ebenezer Animal Hospital in Rock Hill, South Carolina. "He's really an amazing puppy," the hospital's owner, April Splawn, told ABC News today. "You'd think that after going through what he went through, he'd be scared of people, but he's not scared of anyone. He's your typical little puppy -- silly, happy and so loving."…. Brody was determined to be only about 6 weeks old, and since "anesthesia is too risky for puppies this young," doctors have elected to hold off on surgery, Splawn said….Brody is set to be released by the end of the week, Splawn said. Project Safe Pet, an animal rescue organization the hospital works closely with, has found a local family to adopt Brody….The Rock Hill Police Department wrote on its Facebook page Tuesday that officers arrested a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old in connection with the case.




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Oh! too much pain in the world. We need gentleness and peace. Kids with a propensity to cause suffering just don't make sense to me. At the boys' ranches where I worked, several psychopaths who heard voices that insisted the boy do some act, often a dangerous one. We had to send them to another facility for more intensive care. We had a few boys who were sociopaths. They had no empathy for any sentient being. They would poke another with a pencil and laugh at other's pain. They, too, needed more intense care than we provided. The other boys were either acting out by doing dumb things,  some withdrew into their internal world, some were tangled up with mean-spirited kids.

Now, imagine how to manage these diverse personalities, attitudes and behaviors. Some care givers wanted to use violent means and force them into submission; some caregivers walked around as if they were overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. One very special young man, ugly as Frankenstein's monster, had a way with boys. He wrenched his way along when walking, and the boys walked with him, proud of being with him. He stammered and stuttered, and the boys patiently waited until they could figure out what he communicated to them. he couldn't do stairs, and the boys either carried him or helped him up or down. He had a way of listening to kids that communicated care; he was patient with the most outrageous behavior until the boy understood his action was unacceptable; this young man was intolerant of intolerable behavior; he was a "boy-whisperer." 



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