Now, let me start by saying that I am in no way a 'tree-hugger', hippy, vegan or whatever other snazzy catch phrase you want to call those people.

I've been an avid hunter and fisherman my entire life (though because of work and what-not I've slacked off over the recent years). I think I've killed and caught every game animal there is around my area. And I've traveled to kill/catch others. I hope that sounds as explicit as I intended it too...

Now, that being said, I do not agree completely with 'animal cruelty'. That is a very vague and broad of range. I, myself, have had to put down family pets. I've terminated curr strays and other animals I've considered to be suffering.

To my point...I'm an ex-cop. And I have seen people get locked up quicker and for longer times for Neglecting a dog than for BEATING their wife and kids!!! I've had to testify for both! And it pisses me off to no end....

YEEEAAAHH Animal Rights!

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I don't have a problem so much with people hunting and eating what they kill. Life does feed on life, and existence is bloody business. However, I don't agree with trophy hunting or hunting endangered species, as I think it is vain and unnecessary.

When I worked at a butcher shop, they took in deer meat during hunting season, and would create steaks, sausage, or whatever the customer wanted out of it. However, many people never came back to pick up their order, so they usually had lots of free meat to sell in the end. My problem with that was that I felt like people were shooting the deer just for the sheer joy of killing something, or to stroke their ego, and I think that is stupid.

It is true that what constitutes animal cruelty is complicated in both legal and moral terms. Laws are written in a way that may protect dogs, but not cows; and in moral terms, some people think that even dying a poodle pink is a form of cruelty. (I don't think it is cruel, but I do think it is unnecessary and somewhat condescending to the dog, even if he doesn't realize it. I mean, they're not dolls or toys after all.)

How we react to a suffering animal would depend on the situation at hand. However, I think a lot of "good ol' boys" (including my father, btw) resort to the "let's just shoot it" mentality too quickly, instead of considering other options. However, we must take into account the person's generation. When my grandparents were growing up, people didn't take their dogs to the vet, get them sterilized, or board them when they went on vacation. It was a different world back then.

Now, on the your statement, "And I have seen people get locked up quicker and for longer times for Neglecting a dog than for BEATING their wife and kids!!!" That is true, and there is a lot of inequality and inconsistency in the law. Sometimes people get more time for drugs than for violent crime, too. So where's the sense in that? Also, people get sentenced differently due to their income or race, unfortunately.

In this example, the issue is not with the spirit or intent of the law, but rather its consistency, and perhaps the way it is applied. The problem is not that animal cruelty laws exist, but rather that we don't take wife abuse seriously enough.

If society finds issues with the way the laws are now, we should not attempt to remedy the situation by weakening the animal cruelty laws, but rather by strengthening the physical assault laws.

As our society changes our values and expectations change. That is why laws are mutable and can be adjusted to reflect a growing culture.
Dallas, with the butcher shop and people not picking up meat...I know I've had friends who would take a deer to be processed and then something would happen and they would not be able to pay for the meat. Not excusing everyone, but shit happens. Trophy hunts usually aren't that bad, you can still consume what you harvest. But I'll agree with the endangered hunts, not cool.

I will also agree with your rant on the law. I just didn't want to take away from your original point and get us going in a different direction.
Anybody who travels to kill obviously doesn't need it, and is in it for the enjoyment of killing. That to me is not somebody who is against cruelty, but rather finds it enjoyable. There is a difference between killing to survive and killing for fun, and you do it for fun. I don't find the fact that you'll shoot a stray dog evidence to the contrary.

I'm not sure of your point about the length of time people are locked up. I concur with Dallas about the punishment not fitting the crime in most instances in this society.

I assume you are being sarcastic with your last statement.
Not true, not true. Well, maybe. I do enjoy the kill. If people didn't (now-a-days) they would't do it (unless your starving). Testing my skills against the far superior senses of 'X' animal is a rush. There are no selfless acts, everything we do is for enjoyment or a warm feeling.

And I have traveled to hunt because the species I wanted to see isn't native to my area. No different than ancient peoples wondering and migrating to hunt for food or cerimony.

Dispatching stray (and what I meant was sick, starving, infirmed) animals isn't an enjoyment (outside my above statement lol), it's an act of mercy. I know the people in my area. I've served them several different public employs, my best friend's ex-fiance volinteered at the local shelter, I know what will happen to these animals very shortly after being admitted. Save the space for animals that stand a chance.
I think it goes back to the "don't get involved in people's personal business" when it comes to human matters. People are apathetic or afraid.

My daughter reported a guy for beating his dogs. She could see him from her apt. balcony. She was so afraid that he was going to show up at her door in retaliation.

I have a HUGE problem with kids getting hit with wooden boards by teachers when the same would be animal cruelty or assault on a person.
I think this says more about lingering sexism in our culture than anything out of line with animal rights. Think about it. Why would the man beating his wife and kids get less of a punishment? probably because there really isn't as strong of a feminist movement these days as there is an animal rights movement. The issue isn't being pushed so it remains stagnant. I can't tell you how many times I've seen women go back to their abuser because he is supposed to take care of them. Women grow up in this culture being taught they are only worth as much as their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Think about how many heroines or women in general that you see in movies or on television that wrinkly scarred or otherwise unattractive. Look at how much botox is invested in the nightly news. This issue isn't that we're doing too much for the animals its that we're doing too little for the girls.
Can't argue that....


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