I knew that so cage free poultry wasn't practiced as my grandfather did, with much larger populations and more crowding, but this ! Aagh!

‘They’re Being Eaten Alive!’ What I Saw In A Cage-Free Egg Farm

Cannibalism is the first dark secret of cage-free egg farming. One study showed rates of cannibalism increasing by 3000% on cage-free farms, and it’s a horrible way to die.

But cannibalism is just the tip of the iceberg. In everything from air quality to bone fractures, hens often do much worse under cage-free. Three times as many hens die prematurely.

The basic problem for the hens is this: cage-free farms, like caged farms, squeeze birds into a space about the size of a piece of printer paper. Imagine living your entire life in a small shower. Now imagine living your entire life in the same amount of space, but with thousands of insane strangers crowding around you.

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Anyone want to bet that factory farms discovered this LONG ago and that's why the cages went into place?




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