Chimp gathers aresenal of rocks to throw at people--proof of planning and forethought.

This is kind of funny and interesting. (Well he doesn't think it's funny.)

Rock throwing chimp.

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And I stopped going to rodeos and circuses 18 years ago for that very reason; animals should be in their natural habitat not behind bars...
OH yea, those are horrible. I don't much like zoos either, especially for more intelligent animals like apes and elephants. They shouldn't be allowed to keep them isolated, and like in the case of this chimp, on display when they obviously don't like it.

I wonder how necessary zoos are, in a way. I know that some of them are trying to keep some animals from going extinct, but if the future of the species is just for all the individuals to be confined, it may not be worth it.
to true moonbeam, i think zoos are here for peoples enjoyment and its kinda wrong




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