In an attempt to discourage the amount of illegal ivory trade involving China the Chinese government has crushed more than six tons of its stockpile of ivory. However, not all of the crushed ivory will be disposed of. Per the article:


China crushed a pile of ivory reportedly weighing over six tonnes on Monday, in a landmark event aimed at shedding its image as a global hub for the illegal trade in African elephant tusks....Some of the crushed ivory powder would be disposed of and some displayed in a museum exhibit, while the rest would be "preserved", state-run China National Radio reported. The powder can be used as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine.

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The scenario; Sell it cheaply to party official A who sells it for a higher price to party official B who sells it on to party official C and so on until party official Z cant find a better price on the open market and sells on the black market so the ivory consumer can obtain it after all.

It's bullshit !




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