A circus elephant named Carol has been shot in a drive by shooting in Mississippi while not performing (at 2:00 AM). She was hit in the neck in an area having no vital organs nor blood vessels. She is expected to make a full recovery. A reward of over $25,000 is being offered for more information about the occurrence. Per the first article:


Elephant owner Brett Carden was nearby when someone allegedly shot the 39-year-old Asian elephant named Carol in the neck at BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, Miss. He said the shot was loud, comparing it to an AR-15 rifle. "She never went down one time," Carden said. "She didn't know she was shot, really." Carol was standing and doing well Thursday, Carden said. Missouri State University professor and veterinarian Dr. Dennis Schmitt traveled to Mississippi to care for the animal. 





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Let's hope we see a time when no elephants are kept by circuses. 

No, let's not wait.  Let's stop them NOW!

Brett Carden is a monstrous abuser.  He rents these poor elephants out like chain gang prisoners.  Chains included.  They are beaten and stabbed with bull hooks and shocked with cattle prods.  Ringling, to whom these slaves are rented was hit with the biggest fine in history for abusing elephants, even little baby elephants.  Many have died.  Don't fall for circus propaganda.

Let's not overlook the fact that somebody shot an elephant. The fact that elephants are in circuses doesn't give anybody the right to shoot them.

I think the manner in which we allow elephants to be used and abused, unfortunately, does just that.  It gives people the feeling we can do what we want to the other animals, including the elephants, just for our amusement.  The shooter was just as entertained by shooting her, as others are amused by making her stand on her back legs - under threat of agony.  Or as a Ringling trainer has been recorded yelling, as he stabs them with a bull hook, "Make them scream!"  This story was originally on the Atheist Nexus - The Humane Atheist, wasn't it, John?  

My sincere hope is that atheists who "thirst for justice" will never again attend a circus with animals.  All are abused.

I'm not defending the practice of elephants nor other animals being in circuses. What I am saying is that their being in circuses should not make us any less irate about them being ruthlessly shot.

I know you are speaking out FOR the elephants.  Thank you, John.  I thought that others, reading your blog, may not know very much about how circuses treat elephants.




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