personally i think its wrong to disect any animal dead or alive....ive refused for the past 3 years to cut open any animal....does anyone think its wrong? does anyone think its right?

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I think it is stupid for kids to do this if they have no intention of going into a biological or medical field. As to the efficacy of dissection -- well, I'm not into any of the fields that would require it, so I'm not sure that I can answer that.
When I was a teen and took high school biology we disected a star fish, a leech and a frog. When I was that age I had it in my head that I wanted to become a coroner, so getting to take a look at anything was fascinating. I'd consider that class dissections, demos, and all to be a very enriching experience for me. I'd planned on an anatomy class the following year that included dissections of a couple different mammals but that's the year all of my plans went to hell. I don't see any harm in having dissections for the benefit of the classroom provided the animals died humanely.

On the other hand I think that classes without dissections should be around for those that have no interest in a field that requires a hands on level of understanding. No one should have to cut open a dead anything, not if they find it disgusting or objectionable on a moral level. Perhaps a computer simulation in place of an actual specimen?
my points exactly but will the school listen to me no im like the only atheist in the town and i mean that literally no one takes me seriously and if i dont dissect the frog the rat a human eye and a sheeps brain i will for surely fail but im thinking of protesting
That's tough. I think that you should stand up for yourself, but be prepared for the consequences. Have you tried to get in touch with an animals rights group to see if maybe you could get someone to help you out? Are there any other students that feel this way?

I don't know if any o f these ideas will really help you out, but it bothers me that you're being pressured into doing something you're not comfortable with.
i need help. If i dont dissect ill fail miserably and i dont want that but i also dont want to dissect anything that people have killed for the dissection either i mean they wouldn't just go around picking up dead rats and stuff would they. no they raise them then kill them so people can dissect them ive seen it happen its horrible so like i said i need help arguing my case when the time comes so please


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