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There isn't anything bad enough for that guy. I wouldn't spare him any harshness whatsoever. My reaction is that he deserves to be tortured.
I'd gladly chip in some cash to have someone throw this piece of shit off the same roof, but only after breaking his arms and legs into as many small pieces as possible.  I can't get this image out of my head.  It's so fucking depressing.  That poor helpless, defenseless animal...this is the absolute worst thing I've ever seen.
Who the hell IS he, and what can we DO about it?  JUST showing cruelty wuth no suggestions for useful action in response only serves to depress us, and break our hearts.
Poster's Facebook name was Amen Memes.
Ban Amen Memes from FB and other Animal abusers (Facebook group)
I don't know much about having something put on YouTube. Do you have to reveal an e-mail address to do it? If what he did is against the law where he did it maybe YouTube will help identify him and associated authorities could be contacted.
It turns out that the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) is on the case, and is working to get the guilty parties prosecuted. Apparently Egypt has animal cruelty laws, but they are not strictly enforced.

What you can do:

1. On Facebook, you can "like" the ESMA, "Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals"

2. Donate to the organization via the How to help link on their website.

3. Sign the petition, Justice For The Dog That Was Thrown Off A Roof In Egypt.

There's lots of cruelty around the world, and maybe by raising awareness and becoming more involved we can improve the situation.

Thanks for the research work George.


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