I have more respect for the animal kingdom than people. I would rather hit a human being with my car than a dog. One day I accidentally hit an opossum with my car immediately started bawling and wishing it had been someone's kid instead. Whenever I see dead cats, dogs, squirrels, armadillos, deer, and other critters on the road I close my eyes and imagine dead people instead. When people get hit and/or killed by cars they understand why and what is going on. But animals are just trying to mind their business and get home. They have no idea why they are hurting, what a car is or how to get mad about it.
Is there something wrong with me? Does anyone else feel the same way?

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I care more for animals than the majority of people too so yeah I feel exactly the same. There are some people I care about as much as animals and I do care about people too but I could kill a person way easier than I could kill an animal. It doesn't make you a terrible person, you obviously just view animals as more innocent and vulnerable that the majority of human beings, which is true. Besides it's an emotive response rather than something that you've reasoned out. Animals need people like us to care for them because the majority of people prefer humans after all.
This is interesting because my friends and I were discussing this topic and we decided that if we had to choose to hit (with a car) either one of our friends or our own dog/cat we would hit the friend. But if we had to choose between a friend and a strange dog/cat we would hit the dog/cat. However we all agreed that in a decision between a human stranger vs. any animal we would hit the stranger. Weird? Normal? What are your thoughts?
Friend vs. Your own animal
Friend vs. Unfamiliar animal
Stranger vs. Any animal


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